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Join if you love anime!
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For all those who love art!
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Any time hangout
This is where you can go if your bored or late at night when your not tired
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Gay Teen Group (LGBT)
A place for LGBT teens to chat and make friends or even more. Respect each other. Any rude behavior can be reported to the group creator. 
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Fandoms Welcome
This group is for the people in fandoms such as the furry fandom, Breaking Bad fandom, The Walking Dead, etc. This group is for you people really into these such things. And if you're curious about another fandom and there's a person that says they are, don't be afraid to ask what's it about! We all...
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Long distance relatioinship
For people who are ok with having a long distance relationship
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Here is a group for lesbians 2 meet other lesbians
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