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Are you shy?Do you prefer staying at home than going to a big party? Maybe this is a place for you...
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Gay Teen Group (LGBT)
A place for LGBT teens to chat and make friends or even more. Respect each other. Any rude behavior can be reported to the group creator. 
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Here is a group for lesbians 2 meet other lesbians
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for those wanting to find it easier in the Website to find Teens from the UK?
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Lesbian and bisexual girls
Come meet people near you or far away. Hopefully you'll find the girl of your dreams.
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Single lesbians
Single lesbians who are looking for a gf and a ldr join this group and you can find the right one for you! No rudeness or dirty talks in the comments or u will be removed from the group
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Emo and scene kids
For straight and or gay emo and scene teens. i hope people will start joining so i can meet new people
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i like girls
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lesbians in the UK
a way for lesbians to meet other lesbians 
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