Glanders's groups

Are you shy?Do you prefer staying at home than going to a big party? Maybe this is a place for you...
136 members
For all those who love art!
59 members
Long distance relatioinship
For people who are ok with having a long distance relationship
224 members
Here is a group for lesbians 2 meet other lesbians
184 members
neko !!!!!!!
for the cute neko 
14 members
for those wanting to find it easier in the Website to find Teens from the UK?
29 members
Phan defence squad
Basically a group for people who ship Dan and Phil or just watch them.
13 members
Lesbian and bisexual girls
Come meet people near you or far away. Hopefully you'll find the girl of your dreams.
109 members
Single lesbians
Single lesbians who are looking for a gf and a ldr join this group and you can find the right one for you! No rudeness or dirty talks in the comments or u will be removed from the group
27 members