Asher's groups

Are you shy?Do you prefer staying at home than going to a big party? Maybe this is a place for you...
141 members
Gay Teen Group (LGBT)
A place for LGBT teens to chat and make friends or even more. Respect each other. Any rude behavior can be reported to the group creator. 
670 members
Long distance relatioinship
For people who are ok with having a long distance relationship
240 members
join if you're gay
91 members
Looking for the perfect boy
The main group photo is not me , this is one of my dream seeking hot teen boys !
130 members
Cutie pie
This is the place to find that cute gay guy of ur dreams
9 members
gay teens
this is for gay teens looking to chat
18 members
The Gay Book Lovers
If you are a gay guy who loves books, join this group.
4 members
LGBT club/group chat
for everyone in the community. Out of the closet or not still welcome. Add as much people you want!
3 members
Emo and scene kids
For straight and or gay emo and scene teens. i hope people will start joining so i can meet new people
11 members