looking for a date
Come here and have a quick fun time with a partner from whom you choose. gay invited
16 members
gay teens
this is for gay teens looking to chat
16 members
place for pansexuals to meet and talk or date
14 members
Theatre Kids
For anyone into any part of theatre!
12 members
14-18 Skype/Discord Chat
For those of us who are tired of KIK and Snapchat!
11 members
Kik Swap!
Come share your Kik messenger names here. Who knows, maybe "the one" will add you!
11 members
neko !!!!!!!
for the cute neko 
10 members
Hot guys with snapchat
If u got snapchat join and add me and other users mine is dcarbery9 enjoy snapping
9 members
Single 16f looking for girls(14-18)
Come join I am bored and have nothing else to do
8 members
Emo and scene kids
For straight and or gay emo and scene teens. i hope people will start joining so i can meet new people
8 members
For all those love basketaball!
7 members
Motorcycle Addicts
A group for for those whole live and breath motorcycles (or just simply take interest to them). Oh, and, it's LGBT friendly!
7 members
Phan defence squad
Basically a group for people who ship Dan and Phil or just watch them.
7 members
Cutie pie
This is the place to find that cute gay guy of ur dreams
7 members
Wanted to know new friends
I was first time to join this website... And I don't know what to do, seems like so cold here...
6 members
people in michigan
need lovin to huns
6 members
Anyone in the New York area is welcome to join
6 members
dating ages withing 15-25
looking for someone to go on a date with and to see where things go
6 members
The #1 Australian and New Zealand community on Dateen
5 members
 A group for boys who love to dance and share a passion with me
5 members

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