North Carolina LGBT
North Carolina lgbt community.
3 members
Gay and bi teens in indiana
This group is for gay and bi guys in indiana To chat and find each other. I now how hard it can be to find people near you on this web site.
3 members
LGBT UnitedStates
Find friends or something more who live in the USA :D
61 members
people in michigan
need lovin to huns
7 members
Who like LIL JON the rapper
anyone is welcome
1 members
Peeps That like DA booty o Fleek
me perferly im starting the liking dat butt but i like my gf lol join if you like Girl booty 
5 members
Lesbian and bisexual girls
Come meet people near you or far away. Hopefully you'll find the girl of your dreams.
108 members
Australian LGBT
Making it easier to find like-minded LGBT people in Australia, for us Aussies who want to find love in our own country.
4 members
anyone in southern california near san diego?
any cute boys who live near me? hmu
1 members
Looking for the perfect boy
The main group photo is not me , this is one of my dream seeking hot teen boys !
118 members
for those boys in eastpointe and is gay
just get yourself a date
2 members
looking for a date
Come here and have a quick fun time with a partner from whom you choose. gay invited
19 members
join if you're gay
83 members
Single 16f looking for girls(14-18)
Come join I am bored and have nothing else to do
8 members
for those wanting to find it easier in the Website to find Teens from the UK?
28 members
New group, join as you wish.
57 members
New Zealand
Everyone from New Zealand 
1 members
A group for those of us who love Hetalia.
3 members
Phan defence squad
Basically a group for people who ship Dan and Phil or just watch them.
11 members
Foreign  Love
If you like people from other countries....LGBT FRIENDLY. Promise
3 members

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