Gays in S.Carolina
For gay boys and girl from South Carolina,Georgia and North Carolina also only gays and have to be 13-17 and yes the picture is me
1 members
Kik my lesbians
This is for lesbians who like to talk on kik
2 members
Creepypasta RP
New group. Join if you want 
1 members
The PS4 Playhouse! :D
This was best name I could think of. SO DON'T CHASTISE ME FOR IT, OKAY?! This is just a group where those with PS4's can share there PSN with other users and play with each other. I figured since there weren't much groups like this on here, I might as well make one of my own. :3
1 members
Gay teen hookups - Britain
This is a group where teens (of UK legal consensual age) can talk and maybe meet up. If you are under the age of 16 do NOT join this group.
2 members
Looking for a girl in canada
Hi Just hi
1 members
Edmonton Alberta Canada people join
im searching for a girlfriend to have a serious relationship in edmonton :)
2 members
LGTB Midd West
A place to meet Teens in the midd west of the United States of America
2 members
gay teens
this is for gay teens looking to chat
7 members
Georgia Peaches
If youre from Georgia
1 members
Join the pandas for anyone who
1 members
For people who live in Pasco or  Richland or  kennewick
People who want to date gay boys.
1 members
The Rainbow Side Of CT
LGBTQ+ friends from Connecticut looking for friendship or more
1 members
New Jersey
For all the queer folx in New Jersey looking for a friend or something more
1 members
Gay Puerto Rican Boys
Just for gay/bisexual boys looking for boys.
2 members
dating ages withing 15-25
looking for someone to go on a date with and to see where things go
5 members
Kik Swap!
Come share your Kik messenger names here. Who knows, maybe "the one" will add you!
10 members
Theatre Kids
For anyone into any part of theatre!
9 members
looking for someone
Im a single boy looking for a single girl to have a serious relationship with with in the age of 14-16
1 members
West Midlands (UK)
A group for teens in the West Midlands.
1 members

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