Long distance relatioinship
For people who are ok with having a long distance relationship
378 members
Here is a group for lesbians 2 meet other lesbians
275 members
Are you shy?Do you prefer staying at home than going to a big party? Maybe this is a place for you...
193 members
13-17 gay guys wanting to find love
If you are 13 to 17, gay, and want to find friends and maybe love, that is what this group is for. Rude behavior can be reported to the group administrator. 
189 members
Lesbian and bisexual girls
Come meet people near you or far away. Hopefully you'll find the girl of your dreams.
184 members
join if you're gay
176 members
Join if you love anime!
141 members
Transgender(Nonbinary Inclusive!) Teens
Ey, here's a group for the trans/nonbinary kids free of judgment!
138 members
Gay Teens 13-19
This group is for gay guys who are looking for friends, relationships, or fun
117 members
LGBT UnitedStates
Find friends or something more who live in the USA :D
99 members
teen talk
girls and boys age 13 to 19
77 members
For all those who love art!
67 members
Single lesbians
Single lesbians who are looking for a gf and a ldr join this group and you can find the right one for you! No rudeness or dirty talks in the comments or u will be removed from the group
59 members
for those wanting to find it easier in the Website to find Teens from the UK?
50 members
place for pansexuals to meet and talk or date
45 members
LGBTQ+ Teens Struggling
Hi my name is Dylan! I'm 15 and I'm gay! I made this group for teens that are struggling at home with being who they are. I'm here to help. I know you might say, "you don't understand"...but trust me I do. When I came out to my dad he completely despised me. I was abused for several months for being...
45 members
Theatre Kids
For anyone into any part of theatre!
40 members
looking for a date
Come here and have a quick fun time with a partner from whom you choose. gay invited
37 members
Fandoms Welcome
This group is for the people in fandoms such as the furry fandom, Breaking Bad fandom, The Walking Dead, etc. This group is for you people really into these such things. And if you're curious about another fandom and there's a person that says they are, don't be afraid to ask what's it about! We all...
36 members
Books & More Books
33 members

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