I'm lonely, wanna chat n maybe be friends or (possibly) more | Forum

Macka11ack Jan 5
Hello, I am Mac, I identify as nonbinary and panromantic demisexual + still a bit curious, and idk I kinda just feel like everyone has their special person but I'm still just sitting around like "hey, I'd say hi but I'm nervous and need little push so it'd be nice if someone said hello"  I have this weird phobia of touch btw(hephephobia I think it's called) and like I said I just need a bit of a push to get me started on getting comfortable with simple things like hugs. I believe in allowing a polyamorous relationship if that is what is needed btw if anyone is looking for a relationship. I'm not the prettiest thing in the world but it's okay to not be perfect and I try to be understanding of looks and differences.

P.s. M pronouns are primarily they/their but since I'm still technically "in the closet" I'm okay with she/ her pronouns (for now).
P.p.s. No nudes or sex.

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