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TransboyLittle Nov 26 '17
Hey. I'm Ash, FtM and agender nerd from Missouri. I use they/them pronouns. Sadly I'm gay, so I'm only looking for guys or nonbinary masc people.

More about me, hmm.. Art is my jam. I can't live without it and draw at every opportunity. I also love writing and music, and I play trumpet/cornet. I own a guitar, too, but I still have to learn it. I'm pres of my school's GSA and I'm generally a big advocate for our community. Probably gonna be an activist of sorts when I'm older. I love puns and dad jokes. My mental age is like a solid 37. I want some piercings and tons of tats, once I can afford them. I adore animals, I draw them the most. And my mind is a horrible cluttered mess, so sorry for the rambling.

That's probably enough to give you a general idea of me, so.. hmu if you wanna talk. I don't bite (unless you ask).

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