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I'm looking for a girlfriend i want them to live in texas like mei'm super attracted to brown and black hairi'm also attracted to older girls like 14 or 15
DreamgirlRaina Yesterday, 17:06
hi I’m Harry I’m 13 and from Australia I’m gay and looking for a kind, loving boyfriend who doesn’t live to far
Hazzo Oct 19
just send me a message if ya want to ^^
Loki Oct 16
Just wanted to be a dork and say hello! xD So yeah. I'm 15, decently attractive, I have a pretty nice smile to be honest with you. There's more about me on my... More
Anyone wanna cuddle + talk with a sappy lil lez like me? Call me princess and I'll melt like putty. Girls 15 + plzzzz (total pillow princess)


DATEEN is the completely new online date club. It is both gay teen dating site and teen dating site for young people from all around the world. Being a social network which is gay and straight friendly it is a unique place for people to meet. All of our users are free to post on forums, upload pictures and photos and chat with each other. You would be surprised if you knew how many interesting people you can meet online. Using DATEEN is and always will be totally free of charge. You can sign up immediately, the condition is that you have to be between 13 and 21 years old. Our dateclub site is mobile friendly and unlike other sites it doesn’t need mobile app to run on your devices. Feel free to ask questions on our forums, as our community will be glad to answer you. DATEEN is a place full of friendly people and potential friends or maybe you will even find yourself someone special. Love is in the air, so just sign up to DATEEN and start your online dating adventure. It is free, quick and very fun.
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